Anti-Magic (Item)

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Type Document
Gold Value 50
Rarity Common (0)
ID do_antimagic

Description[edit | edit source]

An old book from the elementalists' library.

Document[edit | edit source]

Title Content
Anti Magic
The Magic Spectrum Different types of magic exist, but they all belong to the same energy. The first magic that was discovered was the elemental magic. Magic can be split into different magic types, that cover a smaller, more specific part of the spectrum.
As with all types of energy, magic can not be created or destroyed, it simply exists. However, very recent research has shown that a form of dark magic, also called anti magic, exists and can be used to eliminate the magic energy. This will not result in a loss of the energy, but in annihilation, transforming the magic energy into light and heat.

Anti magic can be produced by

(Here, some pages have been ripped out!)
These experiments have shown that the annihilation of magic is hazardous.

Further experiments have been prohibited.