Rhendal's Diary

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Rhendal's Diary
Rhendal's Diary
Type Document
Gold Value Unsalable
Rarity Uncommon (1)
ID do_elderdiary

This item is dropped from a Book in The Hidden Library.

Description[edit | edit source]

It is disrespectful to open a stranger's diary.

Document[edit | edit source]

Title Content
Day 212, 1103 My dear Elona has still not returned. It's unusual for her to stay in the Stone Garden for such a long time. Maybe she found a new place where rare herbs grow?
Day 214, 1103 I'm worried, even though she's a good mage and can defend herself. I won't wait any longer.

Tomorrow, I'll start searching for her.

Day 218, 1103 I still can't believe that my beloved Elona is gone. I've found pieces of her broken staff in the Stone Garden and tried to reassemble them, but it's not complete.

I can't entomb her traditionally with her staff, but only with a part of it. I'm going to keep the magic stone from the staff here, in memory of her.