The Schools of Magic

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The Schools of Magic
The Schools of Magic
Type Document
Gold Value Unsalable
Rarity Uncommon (1)
ID bo_schoolsofmagic

This book can be found in Jonathan's House. Reading it is needed for the achievement Literate.

Document[edit | edit source]

Title Content
The Schools of Magic
Elemental Magic Elemental magic is the art of controlling the elements of nature. It is the first type of magic that was discovered and it is therefore sometimes referred to as primal magic.

Mages with an affinity to this type of magic are the only ones that are able to understand complex spells from the whole spectrum of magic, while the skills of mages with other affinities mostly concentrate on their own domain of expertise.

Divine Magic The spells of divine magic focus on healing and protecting using the power of the light. Most mages who practice divine magic also believe that this magic originates from their "god", the Eternal Light.
Necromancy Necromancy is a branch of magic which deals with demons and death itself. The practicing of this magic is not accepted in general, although the research in this area has helped advancing the science of magic.
Twilight Magic The art of twilight or shadow magic has not been thoroughly investigated yet. But we know that it's used to hide in and to attack from the shadows.